Our Mission

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Audubon Council is to serve the Audubon chapters in Pennsylvania, to advocate for the conservation and preservation of birds, other wildlife and the environment on which they depend; through the sharing of resources and ideas among and between the chapters and in collaboration with other conservation partners.

Spotted Lantern Flies: Responding to the Challenges Posed by Control


As if it wasn’t already hard enough be to a bird, there’s yet a new threat. Last fall, Pennsylvania Wildlife Rehabilitators (PAWR) asked for help to stop wildlife bycatch on glue tape wrapped around trees intended to trap Spotted Lanternflies (SLFs). There […]

Protect the Important Bird Areas of Pennsylvania

Formed in 1996, Pennsylvania developed the first statewide Important Bird Area (IBA) program in the country. A group of scientific advisors (known as the Ornithological Technical Committee) has identified over 80 IBA sites encompassing over two million acres of Pennsylvania’s public and private land. These areas include migratory staging areas, winter roost sites and prime breeding areas for songbirds, wading birds, and other species.

Summary of December 6, 2022 Webinar: Guidelines for Municipalities: Developing Bird-Friendly and Environmentally Responsible Utility-Scale Solar

The Pennsylvania Audubon Council Renewable Energy Committee presented its webinar, via a ZOOM, on the evening of December 6, 2022. The webinar featured a PowerPoint presented by the members of the Renewable Energy Committee: Tom Kuehl, Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society; Laura Jackson, Juniata Valley Audubon Society; Susan Murawski, Presque Isle Audubon […]

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