We have created a reprise of the ACP DRUMMER, the newsletter that was distributed to chapter leaders throughout the state from 1988 through the 1990s. It was published periodically and distributed by mail during that time period because digital publication, social media, and other on-line options did not exist in that era. The DRUMMER was used primarily to provide updates on Council news and to engage, educate, and promote action on shared issues of conservation concern. During that era, there were several other printed publications produced by the National Audubon Society and the former MidAtlantic Regional Office and mailed to chapter leaders. The DRUMMER filled a niche that was not covered by Audubon publications and augmented them with a focus on Pennsylvania conservation issues.

This new version is intended to serve Pennsylvania Audubon chapters in the same manner as its historic forerunner. The major difference is that it can now be distributed digitally. As in the past, the content of the DRUMMER will include content on Council business and related activities and also continue to focus on advocacy, a primary mission of the Council. The DRUMMER is not intended to supplant the many valuable National Audubon Society/Audubon MidAtlantic publications that continue to be distributed to chapter leaders.