The “Walt Pomeroy Conservation Award” is built on the tradition inaugurated by the Audubon Council of Pennsylvania (ACP) to honor individuals who made important contributions to conservation in Pennsylvania. Past recipients of the Conservation Award included Governor Robert P. Casey, Sr.; Congressmen Peter Kostmayer and Jim Greenwood; Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources, Dr. Maurice K. Goddard; and others. All of these past awards were earmarked by a simple ceremony. It was not associated with any major event, fundraiser or other purpose. It was, and remains, intended as an honor to a deserving recipient. The award was in the form of a framed piece of bird art with a simple engraved plaque.

Walt Pomeroy

In 2022, the Pennsylvania Audubon Council reestablished the “Walt Pomeroy Conservation Award” in the tradition of ACP. It is a fitting tribute to honor the memory and legacy of Walt Pomeroy. Walt was a great friend of Audubon here in Pennsylvania as well as throughout the former six-state Audubon MidAtlantic Region. Walt served Audubon for seventeen years in the 1980s and 1990s. Walt was responsible for the establishment of many of our chapters here in Pennsylvania as well as Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Walt Pomeroy provided immeasurable support to chapters and chapter leaders. Walt established Audubon Councils in each of these states.  Regular Council meetings were used to help coordinate the chapter network. Walt was integral to the formal incorporation of the Audubon Council of Pennsylvania and the reestablishment of the Pennsylvania Audubon Council. The Pennsylvania Environmental Digest created a wonderful “In Memorium” profile of Walt Pomeroy that can be found on their blog HERE.

Walt led the successful effort to establish the Pennsylvania Audubon state office with the appointment of Cindy Dunn as the first Executive Director of Audubon Pennsylvania. After his departure from Audubon, Walt continued to serve on the Audubon Pennsylvania Advisory Board. He also served for many years with the various Boards that led to the establishment of the John James Audubon Center in Audubon, Pennsylvania. Walt also served on the Board of the Seabird Institute and the Friends of Hog Island, an invaluable Audubon asset.

Walt understood the importance of recognizing the efforts and leadership of individuals who sustained the conservation work critical to us all.  It is fitting that Pennsylvania Secretary of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Cindy Dunn, is the first recipient of the Pennsylvania Audubon Council Walt Pomeroy Conservation Award. Her long association with Appalachian Audubon, our chapters, the Council, Walt Pomeroy and her conservation record make her the outstanding inaugural honoree!

About the Award

Purpose of the Award: The Pennsylvania Audubon Council Walt Pomeroy Conservation Award is intended to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to conservation in Pennsylvania. The award is focused on conservation efforts that are aligned with the Council’s conservation issues of highest priority to recognize significant accomplishment at the chapter, regional, or statewide level.

The Award: The award will be in the form of a framed print of a Ruffed Grouse with an engraved plaque to commemorate the recipient. A Ned Smith Ruffed Grouse will be preferred as long as one can be procured. The award is intended to be given on a regular basis but is not necessarily an “annual” award. While one recipient a year is the ideal, it does not preclude a second recipient in same year if circumstances warrant. The venue for the Award presentation(s) is “informal” as has been the tradition. It is not intended to be associated with a fundraiser, dinner event, etc.                                                                                                            

Award Criteria: Potential recipients should have an extended record of commitment to bird conservation and associated conservation work.  This could be a volunteer, chapter leader, individuals or groups with sustained involvement, dedication and leadership with conservation issues of high concern. The caveat is that it is not intended as a “service” award or “lifetime achievement” award.

Nomination Procedures

  • Nominations are invited from the leaders in the Pennsylvania chapter network.
  • A call for nominations will be announced each spring through the Council network via the DRUMMER, social media, and email.
  • The nomination form is the vehicle for individuals to be nominated by chapters for recognition.
  • The form requires information on the contributions of the nominee. The selection of awardee(s) will be based on the information
  • The PAAC Executive Committee will identify the successful candidate(s) for the award.
  • A representative of the PAAC Executive Committee will notify the chapter and the selected nominee of their selection for the award.
  • PAAC will alert the chapter(s) whose nominee(s) was not selected. Chapters are eligible to discuss the review of their application and welcome to resubmit in a future award cycle.

Award “Ceremony: The presentation of the Award will be arranged on a mutually agreeable basis between the award recipient, the chapter that sponsored the nomination, and any third party if needed and appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, a regular chapter meeting, an annual chapter banquet, a small special ceremony at an appropriate site or venue, etc.  The awardee will be featured on the PAAC website to honor the selection and to reflect Walt’s conservation legacy.  A press release will be issued and the award presented at an appropriate venue.

Nomination Form: Link to the Nomination Form here: ADD LINK TO FORM